Irvar 20 control unit

Elektro-Heizpatrone IRVAR ausgerüstet. Das zugehörige Steuergerät IRVAR kann wahlweise die Temperatur des. Adjust the temperature setting with the help of the rotating knob.

Ausführung: nur für Completto Versionen. Соответствующий пульт управления IRVAR позволяет Вам установить желаемую температуру поверхности полотенцесушителя или. SeitenDiese Seite übersetzenDear customer, your new Towel Radiator is fitted with an electric im- mersion heater IRVAR for heating.

The corresponding control unit.

New zehnder irvar temperature control unit hvac. Danfoss Master Controller Type CFM-230. Steuetgerät Controll Unit Typ TFS-1. EUR 11Sofort-Kaufen 20d. Unit comes complete with mounting brackets.

IRVAR CONTROL UNIT ZEHNDER ZEHNDER IRVAR CONTROL UNIT ZEHNDER IRVAR CONTROL UNIT ZEHNDER IRVAR CONTROL UNIT . Powerful built-in heating fan. Including infrared control unit. IRVAR with running dry protection in left built-in bottom.

Temperature Control: Electronic temperature control unit ensuring precise regulation of temperature. Irvar electric immersion: see page 129. Accessories Comfort acces Accessories Immersion heaters for mixed operation Immersion heater IRVAR With stainless steel housing, VDE.

Safir Infra-red electric immersion heater control unit see page 131. Description Steel towel-drying radiator manufactured with 20mm diameter curved horizontal. Unit extends 150mm below radiator).

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